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Who has never had a problem with their diodes or their capacitor on their Beta RR or X-Trainer?

A battery that charges at almost 20 volts, a CDI or a counter that burns out !?

Unfortunately many people ...

To definitively solve this problem, Oxi-Light has created this set which replaces the original components without any modification, it's plug and play!


All the components used come from major brands in electronics and are encapsulated in an epoxy resin to have a waterproof and robust product.


This set replaces the original reference elements:


- Capacitor:


- Diodes:


To be fitted on the models:


BETA 250/300 RR and RACING: 2017 to 2019


BETA 4 stroke : 2015 to 2019


BETA X-TRAINER 250/300: 2016 to 2019


For models prior to 2015/16 and the 125, click on the capacitor alone to check compatibility.

Set Capacitor/Diodes Beta RR/ X-Trainer

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