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The front that allows you to drive without a headlight.

Here is which could qualify this digest of power.


Specially thought for people in search of performance and technicality, and adapted to our request to adapt to the specificities of the motorcycle with its "gopro" type bindings to attach in the blink of an eye, its removable lamp cap for be able to fix it upside down under the visor and still this lens which widens the beam to allow you to see both very far and very wide.


The EXM 3400 in figures is:

-3400 Lumens,

-black color.

-4 power levels

The modes are linked continuously, switching off by keeping pressed for 3 seconds;

- thermal protection

-Weight 96 g

- 7000mAh or 10500mAh battery


7000 mAh battery:

1h15 at 100% (3400 lumens),

3h30 at 60% (2300 lumens)

Economy mode: more than 12 hours;


10500 mAh battery:

1h45 at 100%

5h00 at 60%

Economy mode more than 15h


Kit Contents:

A gray EXM 3400.

A charger,

A battery with fixing cover;

A clip type action camera and adhesive bases

EXM 3400 Helmet Light

SKU: KL340070
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