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Created to integrate perfectly and without any modification into your original headlight plate, it will give you an unbeatable look and quality / lighting performance.


Like all Oxi-Light kits, modularity has been designed so that your purchase can last over time.


Indeed, the Baja Designs headlight is the same used in all our kits, therefore if you change your motorcycle, you can keep your headlight and buy only the adapter support. But we went even further this time by integrating on the support, the fixing of the AC / DC converter Oxi-Light (optional). So that this kit can work on both injection and carburetor models.

The converter will be directly integrated into the headlight support without having to tinker with your plate to fix it.


And all the specifications of Baja Designs Lights :


U-SERVICE: All lenses (tiles) are replaceable, first you can change your beam by changing the lens, secondly, if you break your lens, no need to throw the light in the trash as is the case with the headlights low end, you can replace it yourself.


5000 K ° DAYLIGHT: the color temperature of Baja Designs headlights is 5000 K °, why? It corresponds to sunlight at noon, a natural light which increases the perception of details and avoids eye fatigue.


MOISTURE BLOCK: This patented technology consists in creating a barrier by means of a sealing system on the power cord to prevent water and humidity from going up in the headlight, making it perfectly waterproof.


COOPER DRIVE: Unlike cheap headlights, the printed circuits used by Baja Designs are made of copper and not of aluminum. This results in better conductivity and better heat dissipation, hostile to LED ...


At Oxi-Light, we only offer you the best !



- Use reserved for competition, prohibited on public roads.

- This headlight is available in direct current (DC) version for injection models or in alternating current (AC) version with addition of the optional AC / DC converter for carburetor models, do not hesitate to contact us if you have doubts or questions.

- Sold without the headlight plate


Lumens: 4900 by 4 LEDs

Color : 5000 K (natural color),
Watts / Amps: 40W / 3.4 A
Weight: 510 grams
LED lifespan : 49,930 Hours
Lens: Polycarbonate (replaceable)
Headlight body: Anodized aluminum
Headlight support: Plastic
Hardware: Stainless steel
Exceeds MIL-STD810G standards (Mil-Spec Test)
Integrated overcurrent protection
Protection index (IP): 69K (waterproof up to 2.5m)
Meets IK10 standard for impact resistance

Kit Oxi-Light Squadron Pro Husqvarna 2017+

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