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Created by Oxi-Light, this Dual RACER kit is made for backpackers and long-distance travelers looking for a reliable, resistant and efficient product !


weighing less than 2 kg to preserve all the agility of your motorcycle.


Installation on the fork triple clamp without modifications, Comes pre-assembled for quick assembly.


Find the presentation of the kit in detail here : TECHNICAL DETAILS


Technical specifics:

Materials of the tower: Aluminum 4mm and stainless steel 3mm

windscreen : Polycarbonate

Baja Designs Led lights 2x Squadron PRO (40w, 4900 Lumens), 80w, 9800 Lumens total

Power supply: lights (original headlight connector), Accessories (Electrical harness provided)

USB plug waterproof

Voltmeter waterproof


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.



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