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In the DUAL.5 light we have been able to generate two beams of light with different angles of incidence from one light at the same time. Thanks to this solution, we obtain diffused light (FLOOD) in LOW mode and long-range light (SPOT) in HI mode from a single DUAL.5 reflector. Thanks to the appropriately selected angles of incidence of light, the DUAL.5 light in the LOW - 2200 lm 22W mode lights the turns and allows driving in the fog while not dazzling the oncoming vehicles. HI mode - 5500 lm 44W supports road lights of the motorcycle shining far ahead of the vehicle at the same time illuminating the corners.

Caution ! There are two versions (see photos in the gallery):

DUAL: Road approved

In the code position, the power decreases and the beam is low so as not to dazzle the vehicles coming in front

RACE: Offroad use only

In code position, the power decreases but the beam remains full

Allow 10 days for receipt of the lighthouse

Lumens: 5500 by 5 Cree LEDs
Color: 5000 K (natural color)
Watts / Amps: 44W / 3.67 A
LED lifespan: 49,930 Hours
Lens: Polycarbonate (replaceable)
Headlight body: Anodized aluminum
Headlight support: Aluminum
Hardware: Stainless steel
Complies with CE and RoHS standards


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