Everything you dream about for your lighting, EnduroTech has done it!


This kit to be fixed in its original plate (not supplied) offers all the useful lighting options.

A 22 watt code position for 2200 lumens, a 44 watt flagship position for 5500 lumens to be ordered directly via your original commodo without modification.

A built-in AC / DC converter to work on motorcycles with alternating or direct current.

An interchangeable protective shell.

In short, a lighthouse designed to last!


Warning ! There are two versions (see photos in the gallery):

DUAL: Road approved

In the code position, the power decreases and the beam is low so as not to dazzle the vehicles coming in front

RACE: reserved for competition

In code position, the power decreases but the beam remains full


Allow 10 days for receipt of the lighthouse


Lumens: 5500 by 5 Cree LEDs

Color : 5000 K (natural color)
Watts / Amps : 44W / 3.67 A
LED lifespan : 49,930 Hours
Lens: Polycarbonate (replaceable)
Headlight body: Anodized aluminum
Headlight support: Aluminum
Hardware: Stainless steel
Complies with CE and RoHS standards

DUAL 5 BETA 2020+

Strapping color