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The light of all superlatives!

That sums up the Dual 10 and its 11000 Lumens !

This kit to be fixed in OEM frontplate (not supplied) offers all the useful lighting options. A "low" position (half of the LEDs on) 48 watts for 4400 lumens, and a "HI" position (all LEDs on) 100 watts for 11000 lumens, with a long and wide beam by the OEM switch without modification.


Supplied with a complete harness

Reserved for offroad use.

Mounts only on injected bikes

Sold without the OEM frontplate Attention, allow approximately 1 week to 10 days of delay before shipment, do not hesitate to contact us for the exact delay.



Lumens: 11,000 by 10 Cree LEDsColor: 5000 K (natural color)

Watts / Amps: 100W / 9 A

LED life: 49,930 Hours

Lens: Polycarbonate (replaceable)

light body: Anodized aluminum

light support: Aluminum

Hardware: Stainless steel

Complies with CE and RoHS

Dual 10 Husqvarna 2017-2020 injection

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